Burlap Art!

Burlap is such a versatile fabric and since both the lighter cream and darker brown colors work with my decor I’ve decided to make some accessories out of it.

I saw something similar to this project a while back and figured I’d give it a go.  I got my inspiration from Just for Rachel to see her version you can do so here

I started out by using a frame from an old mirror and painted it black (however I may add some more molding to this frame to make it feel “beefier” depending if I want this to be the only frame on this wall or if I decide to add other framed art on the same wall).

A few days after painting the frame I took some burlap and stapled it to the cardboard that was orginally behind the mirror, after printing and cutting out a large S on paper, I stenciled the S onto the burlap using some black marker paint.   Wala!  Super easy project, the most time consuming part was painting the frame black (3 coats of paint) the burlap part took about half an hour.

My next burlap project will be pillows and maybe a table a runner!  Not sure what I will stencil on those perhaps a quote of some sort or dates that have a special meaning to me or family names…..

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