DIY Christmas Projects – 2013

DIY Christmas Projects

Here is some inspiration from past diy Christmas projects I’ve done! For the living room I chose to do a tree in all white and silver. I made the majority of the ornaments from white paper and silver & white pipe cleaners.

White & Silver Tree

DIY Christmas Projects, White & Silver Tree with handmade ornaments


Paper Star Ornament

DIY Christmas Projects, Paper Star Ornament

Paper Spheres (These can be used on a table or as ornaments!)

DIY Christmas Projects, Paper Spheres


Polish Star Ornament

DIY Christmas Projects, Polish Star Ornaments

Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

DIY Christmas Projects, Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Paper Ornaments Inspired by Wood Molding

DIY Christmas Projects, Paper Ornaments

The snowballs I used in my kitchen entryway for a little Christmas fun!


DIY Snowballs

DIY Christmas Projects, Snow Balls

The Handyman Tree was in my office, the theme for that room was rustic, cabin handyman! I used all my father, grandfather and great-grandfathers tools on the tree! It was topped with a Garden Lantern!

Handyman Tree

DIY Christmas Projects, A Handyman's tree decorated with tools topped with a garden lantern

DIY Stick Trees

DIY Christmas Projects, Stick Trees

DIY Deer Head

DIY Christmas Projects, Deer Head

The age old dilemma is solved when deciding on white lights or color lights for your tree(s)!

White Lights or Color Lights?

DIY Christmas Projects, White or Color Lights?  A Solution!




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