Fire Station Room Reveal – Hometalk Heroes

I am so excited to show this room reveal I can hardly stand it anymore! I know you probably can’t wait to see the photos but I wanted to share a few things first. I want to thank the men and women who serve our communities and nation every day. They are the ones who keep us safe in our neighborhoods and streets. They are the reason why I wanted to start this initiative of giving back to our local heroes.

If you missed the intro to this Room Makeover you can find it here (a short synopsis; Nina (from Everyday Enchanting) & I partnered with to do a room makeover at a Fire Station in Hudson, MA).  Join us for a live Hometalk Room Reveal Google hangout, Thursday, February 28th at 2pm link to hangout is here!

Nina and I were fortunate to have the following firefighters help us with the room makeover & we want to thank them for giving their time up to help us; FF Bryan Johannes helped us paint the room, without his help we may still be there painting! FF Doug Schaeffer helped us by repairing the holes in the wall, he did a beautiful job fixing the wall aka eyesore of the room. After painting the room we went back a week or so later and with the help of Lt. David Duplisea, FF Rob O’Hare and FF Richard Hubert, we were able to pull the room together. Lucky for us this crew was able to put the chairs together and clean the space for us before we came back with the remaining products to decorate the room. Thanks to Richie who got the lights up and thanks to Rob for making the floors look amazing! We had a lot of fun spending the day with you guys while pulling the room together, you guys rock!

Fire Station Room Makeover

Lt Duplisea, FF O’Hare, FF Hubert

I also want to thank my friend Leah of Pict Media for taking the time to drive a few hours each way to film the room makeover for us and thank you to my nephew Jay and Nina’s husband Mack for helping us with the room, we couldn’t have done it without you two!

When I first saw this space I thought I bit off more then I could chew but I knew deep down that the room could look fantastic. When we stood back to see the room, after it was complete, I was in amazement, I never thought it would look as beautiful as it turned out! I honestly wanted to just sit down and watch a movie on their new tv because the room was so pretty, the tv is awesome!

Since I know you are all dying to see the before and afters I will stop typing and get to it!

Fire Station Room Makeover - BeforeBefore

Fire Station Room Makeover

After – Paint was sponsored by Sherwin Williams color used is Wool Skein, Rug is Herringbone by Mohawk.

Fire Station Room Makeover - Before


Fire Station Room MakeoverAfter

Fire Station Room Makeover - BeforeBefore

Fire Station Room MakeoverAfter Chairs are by Wayfair / Global Furniture USA

Fire Station Room MakeoverMy Nephew Jay and Lt Duplisea setting the new TV up!

Fire Station Room MakeoverAntique Bookcase holding their trophies & plaques!  Diamond Lighting Lamps sponsored by National Builder Supply.

Fire Station Room MakeoverNew 50″ Smart 3-D TV & Sound System

Fire Station Room MakeoverCustom Subway Art – I left a questionnaire at the station for about a week asking what the crew didn’t like about the room, what they wanted in a new room and some words or phrases that only had a meaning to them as a crew that is how I was able to make this subway art!

Fire Station Room MakeoverRug by Mohawk, Lamp from National Builder Supply, Pillow from HomeGoods, Chairs from Wayfair/Global Furniture USA, tables sponsored by Hometalk

Fire Station Room MakeoverAntique Trunk, I painted to match the room for more storage, curtains by, basket and mirror by HomeGoods

Fire Station Room Makeover - Drapes from

Drapes sponsored by & conduit pipe we used in place of curtain rods!
You can find Geneva Grommet Drapery Panels on sale!

Fire Station Room Makeover - Drapes sponsored by

Fire Station Room MakeoverRed box made by Nina & Mack to house the ac unit during the off season!  I think it would be a great base for a Christmas tree!

Fire Station Room Makevoer - Hometalk Heroes

FF Richard Hubert – Testing out the new chairs in their swanky new room!

Fire Station Room MakeoverLt Duplisea, Me & FF O’Hare

After I took some photos of the crew they said it was only fair I had to have my picture taken with them too, normally I don’t like being on the other end of the camera but I love this keepsake photo!

Fire Station Room Makeover

Me, Nina, My nephew Jay and my friend Leah

As you can see, big transformation thanks to our generous sponsors who I am so grateful for.

Our sponsors in alphabetical order are:


The following bloggers (in alphabetical order) are sponsoring a new TV:


We also want to thank Jessica of Four Generations One Roof, for all that she did to help us get this off the ground, pointing us to sponsors and helping with back end matters. Jazmin of Frugality Gal for helping with editing, writing and back end matters and Trisha of Black & White Obsession for help with photos!

I want to thank the town of Hudson and Chief John Blood again for allowing us to come in and invade your space for a while, giving us the opportunity to transform your room! I am forever grateful to you for letting this be the first of what I hope to be many room makeovers for our Heroes! (P.S. let me know if you ever want me to tackle that kitchen!). I also wanted to say thank you to Lt. Judy Rice it was so nice meeting you, I just wish we could have done the Lt Room over for you too! It was a pleasure to meet all of you at the Hudson Fire Department, thank you for all that you do for our community and for letting us do this room makeover!  And as some of you know, I say a prayer for you every time I hear or see you going out on a call when I’m at work across the street!

If you are from a local Fire Station, Police Station or Vets Association in Massachusetts and want to be considered for a room makeover please feel free to contact me at

For our readers I hope you enjoyed the daily “Guess the Product” series on our social media, it was fun for us to see how many of you guessed right and even more I hope you love this room makeover as much as we do! I hope this inspires you to find ways to say thank you to your local Heroes too! Nina Thank You so much for doing this makeover with me it was so much fun having your partnership on this! And Thank you to Hometalk for running with my idea of giving back to our local heroes, I am so grateful you agreed to be a part of this initiative with us!

Check out how Nina made these awesome coasters using old photos of the fire station where we made the room over. You can see the tutorial on that here

DIY Coasters - Fire Station Room Makeover

Hometalk Heroes



Fire Station Room Makeover - Hometalk Heroes

Fire Station Room Makeover - Hometalk Heroes


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