DIY Police & Fire Ornaments

I made some Firemen Jacket and Police Vest ornaments for some family members and friends this year, once I saw how cute they looked I decided to make them for the personnel at my city’s Fire Department and Police Department as well.  I decorated two small trees, one for the Fire and one for the Police and dropped them off the day after Thanksgiving!  For privacy reasons, I don’t want to post pictures of those but I do have examples and some downloads if you want to make them for your friends, family or towns!

I made these using a graphics program but for simplicity if you don’t have a graphic program you can edit these in Microsoft Word.  Steps are below & download is at the end of this post.

Step 1: In a new word document, go to the insert tab, click on text box and select the top left box.  When you have the box selected on your document you will have a new tab called Text Box Tools, go to format then select none for shape fill and none for outline fill.  Drag the box to fit inside most of the word doc, you can see the outline of my text box in step two it’s a dotted line because I selected none for the outline fill.

Step 2: Insert your picture (using the photo you download from this tutorial, see below).

Step 3: Shows the image after you insert the photo.

Step 4: Using the text box again you want to layer the image with new boxes so you can type your city name and the Officer last name.  Insert a text box, select none for shape fill and outline fill.  If it’s easier for you to get the boxes on, lined up and the names in first then you can go back and select none for shape fill and outline fill.  I used Yellow for the text color and the font name is Stencil.

Step 5: Shows the first ornament with the city and last name on as a text box layer.

Now that you can put your text box layers on just change the city and last names for each one you make!  Print each sheet out then cut the ornaments out.  I found they popped better on the trees if you leave a little white around the shape.  I used a pin to poke a hole near the top to make inserting a hook easy!


Click here for Police Ornaments   Click here for Fire Ornaments



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  1. December 13, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    You are so clever! What a treat for those eho serve your community!

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