Springtime Projects!

I’ve been busying myself with exterior work these days and luckily the weather has been complying! Recently I’ve done a spring clean up on my landscaping, installed some new landscape lights, painted my shutters and garage door white. Took off the old wooden lattice and painted the fascia below the porch. I met with a landscaper yesterday to discuss his landscape services for my web design, I love bartering! This weekend I will be working on creating a website for their company. Oh the possibilities of bartering has the wheel in my mind spinning, what other home improvement projects will come about because of bartering? I guess we will have to wait and see on that but the list of possibilities is long! As for what remains to be done outside, install my new white vinyl lattice (courtesy of my next door neighbor who had too much left over from a previous project, however it should be just about enough for me), put the finish coat of white paint on the porch railings and stain the porch floor in addition to using Driveway Dressup to “paint” my asphalt driveway this stuff is a paint made specifically for asphalt driveways to make them look black again while maintaining the appearance of the asphalt unlike when you seal a driveway you lose the pattern of asphalt. Luckily I have all the materials I will need to complete all these projects now it’s just finding the motivation! Barter anyone?? ;P

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