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DIY Wall Sail

DIY Wall Sail Tutorial

This summer I have been decorating my home in a Coastal Decor. Last month I made a DIY Beach Frame  I wanted to make something for my living room wall that would go along with this summer casual look.  I…

Beach Frame Tutorial Knockoff

Beach Frame Tutorial Knockoff

With Summer officially only a few weeks away I have started styling my home in a slightly beachy design.  My inspiration for this frame comes from Wayfair.  These Cape Cod Beach Frames range in price from $45.00 up to $129.00. …

Faux Roman Shade

Faux Roman Shade Tutorial

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from the Better Homes & Garden feature for instructions on how I made my Faux Roman Shade.  So here it is (This tutorial is shown using photos of extra fabric I had around…