Does the absense of color mean the absense of style? White….

The older I get the more I realize how much I am like my mother including her love of white. Growing up both our bathroom and kitchen were all white, at the time my sister and I used to make fun of my mother, rolling our eyes when she would comment on how beautiful white was… I find myself constantly drawn to white bathrooms and kitchens, perhaps it’s familiar to me or perhaps my taste is just changing. I’ve always loved white cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms but now I long to relax in a clawfoot tub surrounded by nothing but a sea of white and to cook in a kitchen with white cabinets and white marble counters. Both of my bathrooms have white wainscot, the upstairs bathroom has white beadboard with blue upper walls and the downstairs has white craftsman style wainscot and greenish blue upper walls, both have white waffle weave shower curtains and white towels. The downstairs bathroom has hardwood floors (and a vanity waiting to be painted white) the upstairs bathroom currently has white vinyl flooring that will be changed out as soon as I have the finances, time and determine exactly what flooring I will go with (I’m torn between white marble or hardwood) the vanity upstairs has already been painted what else? White! My kitchen cabinets are not white simply because I have fairly new white appliances and I have yet to come across a kitchen that has white cabinets with white appliances that looks nice. I find white cabinets look great with SS appliances, however so far of all the photos I’ve seen, white appliances with white cabinets look on the cheap side (I wish someone could show me some pictures contradicting this since I would love to paint my cabinets white while keeping my white appliances). I’ve thought of painting my cabinets a vanilla color but I’m afraid the white appliances will look lost and a part of me still likes the warmth of the wood cabinets with the wood floors. Although I suspect if I came across a kitchen that had white or vanilla cabinets with white appliances that looked delicious I would be running to the store to buy more paint! Here are a few white bathrooms that I covet and use for inspiration.

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