DIY Knotted Jute Rope Jug – Knockoff Tour

DIY Knotted Jute Rope Jug - Ballard Designs Knockoff

Winter seems to be taking forever to end around here so I decided to bring some summer into my home-office! I love these Ballard Design Jute Rope Jugs.

DIY Knotted Jute Rope Jug Knockoff

Materials you will need:

Jute Rope



1. Turn your jug upside down and measure a length of string from one side over the bottom to the other side, add about 6 or more inches to that length.

DIY Jute Knotted Rope Jug

2. Cut 8 total pieces in this length.

3. Separate the lengths into 2 groupings of 4.

4. Make a + shape with these two groups

Knotted Jute Rope Jug

5. Tie these two groups into a knot in the middle – you should have 4 sections of rope now.

Knotted Jute Rope Jug

6. Take one string from your first section and knot it with one string from your second section, repeat around to make your first row, use an elastic around your jug to keep the strings on after the first knotted row is done.

Knotted Jute Rope Jug


Knotted Jute Rope Jug

7. Repeat tying one string from each section to it’s adjacent section until you get to the end of your rope.

8. Tie a piece of rope around the neck of your bottle and attach the remaining lose strings to this new piece.

9. Add rope around the top of the bottle neck and your done!

DIY Knotted Jute Rope Jug Knockoff

This project goes pretty quick I did all three of these bottles while watching a movie. See some more amazing knockoffs in the tour below!

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