Painted Furniture

I have never been a huge fan of self painted furniture until recently!  The reason I was never a fan of painting furniture myself was because I do not like seeing brush strokes in furniture, it’s too shabby chic for my home.

Brush stroke free finish

Years ago after my father passed away my mom asked me if I could freshen up her bedroom furniture as the French style furniture they had was starting to yellow.  Even back then I did not like brush strokes left from paint on furniture so I did the only thing I could think of which was to tape off the wood top, put some tarps down and spray paint the bases.  This turned out actually well, no drips!  After my mom passed away, I sold the dresser since it was too large to take with me to my new home, but I kept the matching night stand that I use in my living room as an end table.  This past month I noticed the piece was starting to yellow (not bad considering the last time I spray painted it was about 10 yrs ago).  Begrudgingly, I decided to paint instead of spray painting simply because I had paint in the house and didn’t want to waste money on spray paint.

I am notorious for not taking before photos so I had to scramble to find a before, sorry this was the best I could come up with!
painting furntiure


If you are new here – that would be my sidekick Ryker who likes to jump into photos whenever he can!  Here you can see the end table next to the couch.

I didn’t totally forget the before photo, well I remembered just as I started to paint the top drawer, I put my brush down and grabbed my cell phone to get a somewhat before shot!


painting furniture

🙂 yup that’s me Ms Impatient, I couldn’t even take the handle off the bottom drawer before I started painting.  Nope I did not tape this off, I am too impatient to tape off LOL!

So how did I avoid the brush strokes?  I used regular latex paint in white and I believe the other paint was peppercorn by Sherwin Williams.  The dark blue/gray paint I left as it was since it’s so dark you can’t really see if there are brush strokes but for the white I watered it down big time. I had to do three coats of white but it was worth it.  The top gray/blue drawer got two coats.  While a sponge brush is shown in the photo I actually ended up using a regular brush instead.   I love the smooth factory finish look that was achieved by watering the paint down!  I didn’t even bother putting the white paint into a separate container I just dipped my brush into water before dipping into the paint.

Here is an up close photo, it’s not perfect but nothing I do is 🙂 however it is far better then clumpy brush stroke laden paint!

painting furniture

Here is the table completely painted and put back together!

painted end table


painted night stand
Now that I know I can get the factory finish look I like without having to spray paint I think a lot more painted furniture will be happening around here!  That chair in the first photo, yup that needs an overhaul maybe that will be the next thing to get painted, including painting the fabric!!


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