Dog Ornaments

I have been making these ornaments for a number of years, the first year I decided to make my dog an ornament I decided on an easy canvas fabric bone ornament, I cut the shape of a bone out of canvas, stitched it almost closed all the way around, I left a small spot open so I could fill the ornament then I added the ribbon and stitched it closed and painted the whole thing in white, then added the name and holly with paint pens!


A year or so later I decided I wanted to do a German Shepherd ornament, so I had sent a carpenter some drawings of two different German Shepherds that I wanted made into wooden ornaments, he used a laser to cut these out for me.  Seven or so years later I still make a few of these every year for friends.  Here are two I made for one of my friends.


And here is the other German Shepherd ornament I make, it’s not personalized like the one above but still cute!  I had to count how many of these I had left this year, my supply is getting very very low 🙁


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