Custom poster art!

I love love love subway art but I don’t love the price of buying a custom made one.  Soooo  last weekend I spent a day creating my own custom posters. 

First was a framed “recipe” for my kitchen.  I love the black background with the white text on this poster.  I chose the recipe of Latki / Potato Pancakes, my dad used to make these for us when I was growing up and I make them a few times a month myself!

The second was a “Favorite Numbers” poster, the background of the poster I made has the story of how my parents met, our family history etc, that was done in a light grey text and slightly blurred, layered on top of that text I put down some of my favorite numbers.  You can put any numbers that have a significance to you, birth dates, zip codes, address’ (would be a cute idea if you have moved a lot) last digits to a phone number etc. 

The third one I did was the “Subway Art” poster.  I love this poster, I put down some of my favorite places, numbers, names etc.  It was pretty easy to make these the most time consuming part was choosing the font for the texts.   Now let’s see who is a great speller 😉 I stink at spelling as any of my close friends or family will tell you, however I am notorious for using spell check or googling a word if spell check isn’t helping.  So yes I did google the spelling of Filene’s and I intentionally left the miss-spelled word sort of an inside joke – well now I guess it’s not so inside hahaa!

I had the large poster printed for $20.00 and the two smaller ones printed for $13.00 each.  I still have to buy a large frame and two mats.  The two smaller posters I have framed already (although the favorite numbers poster still needs a black mat!) the larger poster is framed but not hung up yet.  Once I have that one up on a wall, which wall you ask?  Well that’s why it’s not up yet 🙂 I can’t make my mind up where to hang it but when I do I’ll add another photo of that poster!  For now here are the posters I made (sorry for the poor photo quality my camera is broken and my cell doesn’t take the best photos)!

Below are the images I made

(I had the white background one printed, the “negative” image I didn’t have printed but it turned out cool!
I removed the full names and put in fake dates for the images below to show a close up of it online)

Framed Recipe
(The reflection of the glass made it difficult to photograph)

Below is the actual image I had printed

Below is the image I had printed for my “Subway Art” this shows what it will look like framed and matted.


Here is the same image in black and white I went with black and a tannish color for the font, I liked the black and white but felt the tan color for the font looked nicer for where I want to hang this.

I tried the poster in the master bedroom but didn’t love it there

So where did it end up?  In the stairwell!


You can see more on the subway art here

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