Beach Frame Tutorial

DIY Beach Frame Tutorial Knockoff

With Summer officially only a few weeks away I have started styling my home in a slightly beachy design.  My beach frame was completely FREE for me to make because I already had the materials in my basement left over from other projects!

Supplies I used:

Scrap pieces of 1 x 4
Left over stain & paint
Mending Plates

To get started I cut 5 pieces of 1 x 4 to about 11″ wide.  One length of wood I already had stained from another project, the other 4 pieces I dry brushed white and aqua paint.  After the paint dried I flipped the slats over and screwed them together using some Mending Plates I had around the house.  If you want the frame to have a more weathered look you should sand some of the paint and stain off.  I liked the less weathered look for my living room better so I didn’t sand mine.  Flip it right side up and attach two clips from an old frame.  I then inserted a piece of white cardboard with a black and white photo on top.

Knockoff Tour Beach Frame Steps This project took about an hour in total from  cutting the wood, to painting it to assembly!  I love the end result so much I think I will make a few more to  go with my summer decor.  The photo I used is a picture of my dad and I fishing when I was a kid!

DIY Beach Frame Tutorial Knockoff Tour

Knockoff Tour DIY Beach Frames Tutorial

DIY Beach Frame Tutorial Knockoff


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