Tiny Homes – Could you downsize?

Tiny Homes - Could you downsize?

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary on living in a Tiny House. These homes range from 100-400 sq ft. There is a whole movement out there that are living this way!

From what I’ve gathered people are changing their lifestyles to live in these homes for the main reason of spending less on their dwellings, living mortgage free and having more money in their pockets to live life or work less hours. Some are doing it to make their footprint smaller due to their environmental concerns.

I have downsized over the years, going from a 3200 sq ft home to a 2500 sq ft house to my current house of 1300 sq ft.

I’ve always been a proprietor of living within my means, hence the decision to downsize to smaller homes. I will be honest it was not easy downsizing. I was used to 12′ ceilings and large rooms. I didn’t feel the downsizing pains so much with my second home as that house still had tall ceilings and fairly big rooms. However I did feel the downsizing pains when I first moved into my current house. The ceilings here are only 7.5′ tall, I felt claustrophobic for a quite a while. I also had an adjustment period to the small size of the rooms. I had to give away some furniture that wouldn’t fit in this house when I first moved in too. I’ve been in this house for 8 years and now I could actually stand to lose some rooms.

My office was intended to be used as a first floor master bedroom, some of my neighbors who have the same style house as mine use this room as their family room, others use it as a bedroom. Since I have a living room I couldn’t justify using it as a family room and I prefer to sleep on the second floor so I use mine as an office however this is the biggest room in the house and one that honestly doesn’t get used that often since I use a laptop and prefer to sit in the living room when I’m on line. Upstairs I have a guest room that rarely gets used, the master bedroom and a bathroom. In all honesty I could stand to lose either the whole top floor of my house or the office and still be very comfortable.

The second floor is half the size of the first floor (the office has cathedral ceilings, therefor there is no second floor above the office). If I got rid of my second floor the square footage of my house would be somewhere around 900 sq ft, I could live in that with ease. However my basement is not included in the square footage of my home which is about 900 sq ft nor is the attic included in the square footage. I would not want to live without either of these spaces as the attic is for storage and the basement is used for a work room (which houses all my tools), a garden area, a one car garage and a laundry / utility area.

These Tiny Homes don’t have basements or attics for storage, they are just a dwelling with a first floor and often times a loft for a bedroom that requires a ladder to get to. Some of them are on trailers to avoid the home building codes and taxes. Some are permanent structures with a foundation on the ground. Since these homes range from 100 to 400 sq feet without any basements, attics etc that would be like living in half of my first floor to be on the larger side of a Tiny Home. My living room is roughly 180 sq feet if I wanted to see what it would be like living in a 100 sq ft home I’d have to take 8′ off of my living room. There is NO way I would want to live in a house that size! I’m sentimental and like to hold on to things that wouldn’t fit into a Tiny Home.

I wouldn’t mind having one of these homes on a chunk of land as a weekend get away spot. I could definitely use one for that purpose in a heartbeat!

A standard 130 sq ft Tiny House on a trailer is about 19′ x 8′ and can sit on a 18′ x 7′ trailer. The ceiling height is 6′ 3″ with a loft area height of about 3’8″. The kitchen is about 6′ x 4′, main living room 7′.6″ x 6′.6″ and a bedroom area of 6′ x 6′.6″.

This is my favorite Tiny House on wheels, the owners really put thought into the design when they built this home!

Tiny Home on WheelsProtoHaus

The selling point for me would be having a second home mortgage free and maybe a home that could travel with you!

Here are some Tiny Home & Cottage Plans (cottage sizes go up to 884 sq ft)

Another option for a cheaper home is a Shipping Container House, this is one of my favorites.

Shipping Container HomeThe Savannah House

I love the industrial feel of this space, it’s two shipping containers with a middle addition. I’m not sure how much it cost to build this but I have seen used shipping containers for less than $1,000.00

Here are some Shipping Container home plans ranging from one bedroom homes to five bedroom homes.

If Shipping Containers are too modern for you and a Tiny House is just too tiny what about a Cottage like this?  I could have a cottage like this for a second home but not for a permanent house.  I am not a fan of studio living with the bed out in the living area.  But I love the living space of this cottage, that fireplace is gorgeous!  I would absolutely love this place as a weekend get away even with the bed out in the living room!

Small Home - Creative CottagesCreative Cottages

This cottage has a closed off bedroom and a loft.  This would be more  my style when it comes to cottages.   This home is 465 sq ft.

Tiny Homes - DownsizingWhidbey Cottage


For a weekend get away I would chose the cottage with the stone fireplace, for a permanent home I would go with either the shipping containers (just like the Shipping Container house above) or the Whidbey Cottage above.  Although I would need a storage unit to store all my Christmas decorations!  I’m happy with my current home and don’t see myself moving any time soon.

Could you downsize? How small could you go? Would you rather be mortgage free in a small space or have a larger home that costs more?


6 comments for “Tiny Homes – Could you downsize?

  1. July 14, 2014 at 1:51 am

    Good post. I really like all these tiny homes. Its too good. I want to stay here. It would be a great experience. Thanks for this post.

  2. July 10, 2014 at 1:26 am

    I like all the tiny houses you liked to. They are small but cosy, modern and perfectly organized. We have an idea to buy an RV for longer trips and vacations so soon I will have a little tiny house of my own. The answer of the question could I downsize is yes, for sure. I don’t need to store so many stuff and prefer to have more outdoor space instead of indoor. The picture of the first little house on wheels pretty much describes what I dream for so cross your fingers and wish me luck finding my new little second home 🙂

    • Dria
      July 10, 2014 at 7:00 pm

      That’s awesome! Best of luck finding your new tiny home!

  3. July 9, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    The smallest place I’ve lived (and owned) was a 12’x16′ 1-1/2 story cabin for a total of 396 s.f. It had two bedrooms upstairs. The ‘stairs’ was a ships ladder affair that actually could lift up and be hooked to the ceiling if necessary. The upstairs had 4′ side walls and a 7′ center. Downstairs was a closet, small living area that fit a chair and love seat. Kitchen counters were one of those 6′ H metal industrial shelves – two shelves instead of stacked. There was room for a small old roundtop fridge and elec stove. In the corner was a ‘indoor outhouse’ where a composting toilet would have gone eventually. I had no running water. My teenage son and I lived there. It worked for a year (mostly because my son lived in his room on his computer!)
    Couldn’t do that nowadays! Toooo much STUFF!
    Thanks for the links. It’s always fun to look at these tiny houses.

    • July 9, 2014 at 4:59 pm

      My bedroom had a built-in queen bed with a plywood box that opened on one side on a hinge in the middle. The closet was countertop high (I didn’t own any dresses, just skirts) so I could hang clothes under my work station. If there were a way to post pictures, I’d let you see what the outside looks like.

    • Dria
      July 10, 2014 at 6:59 pm

      That sounds pretty amazing Nancy! I love those old round top fridges! I can’t imaging not having running water!

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