Wire Valentines Hearts!

I like the traditional “Red” Valentines crafts but to be honest I’m more apt to use tones that better match my decor.  When I was trying to come up with ideas to make some Valentines crafts I wanted something more rustic industrial for my office.  These hearts were so easy they took me literally 10 minutes to make!

DIY Wire Valentines Hearts

Supplies you will need.

  • Wire hangers
  • Ribbon, Twine, Wire, Yarn etc

To start just take your wire hanger and shape it into a heart and break or cut the hook off.  Wrap the wire heart in any medium you desire, I used some yarn I had left over (from when I made an infinity scarf), some copper wire I had in my jewelry making box and some twine ribbon I had left over from a Halloween project!  These hearts were free for me to make since I had all the makings at my home already.

DIY Wire Heart with Twine Ribbon



DIY Wire Hearts with Yarn & Copper Wire

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Heart Garland




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