Candle Globe

Last Christmas one of my friends gave me a beautiful candle globe that I loved, it matched my decor perfectly.  A month or so ago my dog broke this globe as it was sitting on my coffee table and well he was being crazy with a ball one day.  I was pretty bummed out since I loved this so much, I kept meaning to replace it but never got around to it.

Here is the new candle globe this same friend gave to me for hosting Thanksgiving, it’s not the same color scheme that I had before, as the store didn’t have the “good friends” globe (the darker tan color globe with black stand) this new globe is white and gold, this is where I got my gold and white theme for my Christmas tree this year!

I love both globes this one is perfect for my Christmas decor, I hope to replace the original darker globe to use for the rest of the year on my coffee table again.  I was so thrilled she was able to find another one of these!

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