Now that the cooler weather is setting in and it appears we will only have one more weekend of fall clean-up to do outside,  I’ve been thinking of some easy & inexpensive crafts I can look forward to doing indoors.   As you know I have recently made a wreath from pages of a book (instructions for that wreath is Here).  I got to thinking what unusual kinds of wreaths can I make next?  What I found are not only pretty but they look like fun to make as well!

For those who missed the Book Wreath here it is:

Book Pages Wreath

Money Plant / Silver Dollar Wreath:

Growing up we always grew Money Plants aka Silver Dollar plants, in the fall my father would harvest the stems to dry, my job was rubbing the outer layer of the leaves off to not only collect the seeds for planting the next spring but to expose the dry “silver” pedals, my mom always kept these dried stems in a vase (I keep a vase of these stems as well in my own house).  I can’t wait to make one of these wreaths, however this wreath will have to wait until next fall when I harvest these stems from the garden unless I end up buying some of these dried stems to make this wreath sooner!

Money Plant Wreath

So what wreaths can I make this winter?  Lots!  Since I already have most of the supplies in the house.  It’s going to be hard choosing which one I will make first!

Plastic Bag Wreath:

When I was in grade school we made a wreath from sandwich bags, it was cute but looked like a grade school project, on a whim I googled it anyway and came across a plastic bag wreath that looked much nicer then what I made in elementary school.  This wreath was made from white shopping bags and clear plastic bags, while this blogger used clear veggie bags I plan to use dry cleaning bags (since I don’t have any veggie bags in the house).  For the instructions please see By Stephanie Lynn’s blog here

Plastic Bag Wreath

Coffee Filter Wreaths:

I’ve seen three versions of coffee filter wreaths, while all three are pretty I think I will be going with Frayed and Fancy’s black edged version  (here)I love the way she used a black sharpie on the edges, while the coffee filter wreath without the black sharpie edge is just as pretty, it looks too similar to the book wreath I made, so for my first coffee filter wreath I may be making it with the black edge, we shall see!  Below are the three coffee filter wreath versions.

Black Sharpie Edge Coffee Filter Wreath

Natural Color Coffee Filter Wreath

White Coffee Filter Wreath

Anise Star Wreath:

This wreath is so pretty, now to find some anise stars!

Anise Star Wreath

Pine Cone Wreath:

This is one of the prettiest pine cone wreaths I have come across.  See Just a Girl Blog Here for more photos of this wreath.

Pine Cone Wreath

Glass Ball Ornament Wreath:

As you saw in a previous post a friend of mine made this wreath last year, you can see her instructions Here

Glass Ball Ornament Wreath

While some of these wreaths are specific for a holiday or season others like the coffee filter, book and money plant wreaths could be used all year long.  Check back for the progress of these wreaths as I will be making all of them along with some other Christmas crafts that are on the “to do list”!  I will post my Christmas crafts soon!

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