XO & Arrow Valentine’s Pillows

XO & Arrow Valentines Pillows

In keeping with my subtle Valentine’s décor, I made these XO & Arrow Valentines Pillows.  I’ve seen similar pillows at stores and online and thought they were a cute way to decorate without screaming Valentine’s!

Supplies you will need for this project are:

Template or Ruler
Sewing machine
Pillow Stuffing or pillow insert

For the fabric I used extra Drop Cloth material I had left over from some Drop Cloth Curtains I made.  If you don’t have a drop cloth you could use any material, I liked the slight variation in color using the drop cloth and bleached drop cloth shapes.  If I had gray material for the pillow and white for the lettering I would have made those too, I think the gray and white would be adorable!

I used a ruler to make my designs but I’ve included a template below if you would prefer to use a template.

If you are using a drop cloth like I did and want a two tone affect you will have to bleach your XO and Arrow.  I put my shapes in a container with some bleach and water and left it for about an hour then I rinsed and let dry.  Once dry I simply sewed the shapes onto my pillow cover using Black Thread for contrast!

If you need instructions on how to make a pillow cover you can see my pillow cover tutorial here.

Templates for this project can be found here.

XO & Arrow Valentines Pillows

XO & Arrow Valentines Pillows

Stay tuned for a few more Valentines projects I will be posting this week and next week!  For my other subtle Valentine’s décor see below!

I rarely use pink or red in my Valentine’s projects, I say rarely because most of my projects do not have these colors in them, but come back next week to see a red, white and pink project  I did!  Below is a print my friend Jazmin of Paper & Wit created.  She sells some really cute designs in her etsy shop you can see here.

Below is another Subtle Valentine’s Project I have done!

DIY Arrows & Quivers , Subtle Valentines Decor, Industrial Farmhouse Valentines, DIY Valentines.

Click on the link for instructions on how to make these arrows & quivers!


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