Good Hostess Checklist

Good Hostess Checklist

When Arhaus contacted me to write a blog post about what makes a good hostess, I reflected on what I think makes for a great gathering and I asked a few of my friends what was important to them too. I think the goal of every hostess is to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, below are a few ways to achieve that with this Good Hostess Checklist!  All opinions below are our own. No links below are affiliate links nor were any of us compensated for this post.


#1 Comfort

The most important thing to me when hosting a party or attending one is comfort, I want to be in comfortable clothes (jeans and a sweater is as dressy as I like to get) and just as important is a comfortable space. Nothing says uncomfortable to me more than sitting on a fold out chair or on the floor!

My house isn’t that big so I prefer to host small gatherings with family and friends. My living room sits 6 comfortably by moving chairs in from another room. I could seat more if I had a larger sofa, especially if I had a sectional like the one in the photo below. I love the chaise on this sofa, I could see myself or guests easily falling asleep on that after a meal!

More options for Arhaus sectionals can be found here.

#2 Cheerfulness
Put issues aside for the day, guests can pick up on tensions! “Demeanor of the host/hostess; if they are cheerful and happy it makes me feel they are happy to have me there and makes me feel comfortable”. – Linda

#3 Feel at Home

“To me a good hostess is one that makes her company feel welcome and at home.  I always have candles burning when guests come over.  There’s just something about a burning candle that feels like home to me.  I always have coffee and tea out as well.  Little touches really do make the biggest impact on your guests.  When I’m visiting others, I just want to feel comfortable. A cozy couch or sitting area is a must!” – Claire of The Rustic Pig

Claire’s dining table feels so warm, cozy and welcoming!  See more of her beautiful DIY centerpiece here!

#4 Memorable Foods
I make sure that I know something about the tastes of each guest and try to serve one favorite of each person. – Patrice

#5 Small Details
“Pay attention to the small details that make everyone feel included and thought of and introducing your guests to everyone as they arrive. I feel welcomed at parties when the hostess has already laid out food and drinks welcoming me to the event. I also like when the hostess includes me into conversations or groups where I don’t know anyone”. – Laura of Junque Cottage

Laura’s guest bedroom is full of small details that I think any guest would appreciate! You can see full details here.

#6 Keepsakes
I love making little gifts for my guests to remember the event. One fun thing I do at Christmas time is to give an ornament that I made. This year I made Fire & Police ornaments for some family members as well as paper ball ornaments for others. You can see more on these in the links below.

Police & Fire Ornaments

Paper Star Ornaments

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