Christmas 2016


Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, working full time puts a damper on blogging!  I have only done a few home improvements over the last year,  hopefully I’ll get those projects up on here soon.  For now I wanted to share two new ornaments I made this year, super easy and cheap, my favorite kind!


Keeping with my tradition of making ornaments that reflect my lineage, this year I wanted to make something Nordic to reflect my Scandinavian ancestry!  I have always loved the Nordic Cross pattern so I decided to do my bedroom tree in that theme this year, along with black and white photos of my family.


This ornament was so easy!  I hand cut a cross shape template out of card stock and just traced it onto different card stock to make my crosses.  I used white, gray and red for the bedroom tree and a few silver for my living room tree!

Another ornament I made this year is another paper star, i used all white for my living room tree and a combination of red, white and gray for the bedroom tree!


These ornaments were so easy to make I followed a tutorial here.

You can see one of these new star ornaments above the Nordic Cross on my living room tree.



I didn’t do a whole  house tour this year because other than these two new ornaments everything else is pretty much the same as in my last home Christmas tour!  You can see my previous Christmas Home Tour here!

2014 Christmas Tour Dio Home Improvements

You can see all the ornaments on my living room tree tutorials below!  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

DIY Anthropologie Knockoff Owl Wreath

DIY Owl Wreath

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Birch Log ornaments

Glitter Alphabet Ornaments - Joyeux Noel Sign - 2014 Christmas Tour - Dio Home Improvements

Glitter Alphabet Ornaments


Polish Star Ornaments

DIY Paper Star Ornament

Paper Star Ornaments

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Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

<a href=

DIY Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

<a href=

DIY Snow Balls

How to make paper ornaments from wood molding

DIY Paper Ornaments



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