DIY Wood Slice Chalk Ornaments – 2014 Secret Santa Tour


2014 Secret Santa Blog Tour

I am so excited to be participating in this Secret Santa Tour!  A bunch of my blogging friends and I decided to have a Secret Santa tour this year.  We were each randomly selected a blogger to make a Christmas gift for.  The blogger who was chosen as my recipient is Jeanette from Snazzy Little Things!  I ended up making Jeanette two gifts, I couldn’t decide which one to make for her so I made both.  In this post I am sharing how I made the Wood Slice Chalk Ornaments.

DIY Wood Slice Chalk Ornaments - Secret Santa Blog Tour


Jeanette has this cool French Industrial style that I love so when she was chosen as my recipient I knew I wanted to make something with “chalk” for her.  I have seen wood slice ornaments around and I love everything chalkboard, I thought it would be cute to make chalk wood slice ornaments but I wanted the ornaments to be reversible with more wood showing on the reverse side.  When I was snooping on Jeanette’s site, I saw some silhouettes, that’s how I came up with the idea of doing black silhouettes on the reverse side of these ornaments.  I chose a snowflake for her daughter, a deer head for her son, a sheltie dog profile for her dog, Joyeux Noel for her husband and my favorite, the chair profile for Jeanette’s ornament.  Jeanette has a knack for giving new life to furniture so I thought the chair ornament would be perfect for her!

Here you can see both sides of  the ornaments.

DIY Wood Slice Chalk Ornaments

The supplies I used for these ornaments are:

  • birch log (or you can buy wood slices at your local craft store)
  • black poster board (don’t use chalk paper I tried it, the glue made the paper all wrinkly)
  • Chalk marker
  • hot glue
  • eye hooks
  • twine
  • black marker
  • templates

Step 1:  I cut a birch log up with my miter saw.  The rings are about half an inch thick.

Step 2: Using some black poster board cut some circles out, my circles are about 3″ round.

Step 3: Using a template trace the shape of the letters onto your black poster board circles and trace the silhouette of your graphic onto the back  side of your wood slice.  I used my silhouette machine to make my letters and graphics for this project.  You could hand cut your graphics out or use a store bought template if you don’t have a silhouette machine.

DIY Wood Slice Chalk Ornaments

Step 4: Lettering, I went over the letters using a white chalk marker on the black poster board circles and a black magic marker to fill in the graphics on the reverse side of the ornaments.

Step 5: Using very little hot glue I glued the black rounds onto the wood slices (don’t use too much glue or you will have poster board that ripples).

Step 6: Screw in your eye hooks and attach a piece of twine that’s it you are done!

DIY Wood Slice Chalk Ornaments


DIY Wood Slice Chalk Ornaments

DIY Wood Slice Chalk Ornaments

The other gift that I made for Jeanette is this chickadee finger knitted yarn wreath tutorial will be up soon.

DIY Finger knitting yarn chickadee wreath


This tour has been so much fun I really enjoyed making these gifts for Jeanette.  The gift I received is this awesome knitted deer head from Roeshel of The DIY Showoff.  Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?  I love everything deer this works perfect with my Christmas decor!

2014 Secret Santa Blog  Tour - DIY Knitted Deer Head

I hope you will tour my blogger friends below to see what they made and what they received!


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