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DIY Pipe Cleaner Ornament


Keeping with this years theme of making my own ornaments, I decided on some DIY pipe-cleaner ornaments.  I remember making these as a kid.  These ornaments are on my living room tree, which is decorated in all white with a little silver.  I made these pipe-cleaner ornaments in silver with clear beads as well as in white without beads.

Here’s what you will need to make these ornaments.

*6 Pipe-cleaners per ornament
*Beads (optional)


Pipe cleaner ornaments


Step 1: Bend the pipe-cleaners and cut in half.


Pipe cleaner ornaments


Step 2:  Gather up 11 of your pieces and use the 12th piece to twist around the bunch.


Pipe cleaner ornaments


Step 3: Separate the spikes.


Pipe cleaner ornaments


Step 4: Add Beads (this is optional, I added two beads per spike).


Pipe cleaner ornaments


That’s it your done!


Pipe cleaner ornaments


Friday December 6

Saturday December 7

Sunday December 8

Monday December 9

Tuesday December 10

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