DIY Paper Star Ornament

DIY Paper Star Ornament

Following along with using paper to make ornaments, if you missed it check out the Polish Star Ornament I made a while back.  This DIY Paper Star Ornament was even easier to make then the polish star ornament!

Here’s what you will need to make this.

*Paper (I used 8.5 x 11)


paper star ornament


Step 1: Cut your paper into a perfect square, I cut mine 8.5 x 8.5


paper ornament


Step 2: Fold the paper in half




Step 3: Open the paper up and fold in half the other way.




Step 4: Open the paper up and fold into a triangle.




Step 5: Open the paper up and fold into a triangle the other way.




Step 6: Open the paper up and cut your paper where indicated.  Cut about 3/4’s of the way to the center.




Step 7: Turn the paper over and curl two sections into a point and glue in place do this 4 times per piece of paper.




Step 8:  Once you have your two sides of the star made glue them together back to back.




You are done!!


Paper Star Ornaments

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